PICPERFEK Production was founded in the early 2018 by Arif Azhar. The team of Picperfek photographer and videographer have experience dating back to 2010. We have captured more than 248 wedding events during our 2 years of operation. Because of it's young profile, Picperfek is completely up to date with emerging editing styles and new art of cinematography. We believe that every videos and photos has a uniqueness and memorable stills.

Picperfek is on-demand wedding photography platform that help ‘bride & groom to be’ to book photographers & videographer faster, easier and securely. We are Malaysia’s company that provide on-demand wedding photo & video platform. Customers can easily search photography package that suit with their budget via www.picperfek.com.

We value every single client, regardless of how much they are willing to spend, and we strive to give our best to our clients at a very affordable price. Our photoshoot session starts as low as RM500 for pre-wedding with 2 hours coverage.

So far, the most popular booking in our platform is wedding reception. In fact, wedding reception is the most held wedding event in Malaysia.  Check it out!

PICPERFEK, Images beyond Perfection.

Variety of Packages, On Point Quality and Premium Materials!

We create the same aftermath for each type of package. No double standard for paying the lowest value package. The only several things that differentiate between those packages are quality and type of albums, the number of album pages, frame size and optional services.

Professional and Friendly Photographer & Videographer

Our photographers are highly trained with a deluxe SOP to ensure they are achieving their personal KPI. We only provide senior professional photographers to help serving your prestigious event to become merrier! Don’t worry about being a rock in front of the camera. They will get the job done. From awkward pose to a supermodel real quick!

Experienced and Registered with SSM & MYIPO

We have been in this industry since 2018 and headquartered in Wangsa Maju, Kuala Lumpur. We are registered with Companies Commission of Malaysia and have served more than 248 wedding couples in every state including Sabah and Sarawak.


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Shara Kuala Selagor

Quality International

"Thank you so much Picperfek. Such a talented team w/a good idea. Quality gambar level international huhu. Overall mmg sangat puas hati, berbaloi dan good service. Keep it up, and highly recommended!..💥👍👍

(Sanding, April 2018)

Afniza Kuala Selangor

Smart & Professional

“Tak sempat sembang lama dengan team Picperfek ni… tapi sis nak cakap diorang punya kerja memang smart & professional. Bakal pengantin sis or those yang tengah cari Photographer boleh roger2 mereka. Sis nak bagi 100 WOW untuk diorang ni .”

(MUA Que Qeesha 2018)

Sabrina Kuala Selangor

We absolutely love it

"We absolutely love it, words cannot describe and so worth the wait. I know that most of the guests didn't even realise you were there filming, meaning that the footage is so relaxed, natural and unobtrusive. Such a perfect way to remember and treasure the day forever, and in a format that we can show the generations to come!!! Thank you Picperfek. Sis bagi ."

(Nikah & Sanding, Mac 2018)

Eyka Tanah Merah, Kelantan

Photographer so friendly

"Eyka suka dengan team photographer Picperfek, so friendly! Dia tunjuk cara posing yang betul sampai gambar jadi cantik, terasa macam artis pula huhu.☺️  Insyallah wedding Abang Eyka next year akan guna servis Picperfek lagi! kepp it up! Picperfek terbaik! 👍"

(Nikah & Sanding, Disember 2018)

Irfan Setia Alam, Selangor

Video Superb!

"Kami dah tengok video Nikah & Sanding, memang nice. Family kami semua suka dan sangat berpuas hati dengan concept editing video picperfek. Thank you Picperfek. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟"

(Nikah & Sanding, September 2018)

Myra Kajang, Selangor

Picperfek memang Thumbs up!

"Overall Team Picperfek mmg thumbs up 💯👏 Effort each photographer are everythingggg.❤️❤️ couldnt thank enough for their creativity & struggle to take our pic. Thank you Picperfek, would recommend uols for future occasions.✨ "

(Nikah & Sanding, Ogos 2018)





Syarah Bangi, Selangor

Tersenyum kami tengok

"Nice sangat photo & video👍🏻 Tersenyum kami tengok 😊 Terima kasih Picperfek..Wedding belah lelaki nanti nak ambil dengan Picperfek!! Servis tip-top 🌟"

(Nikah & Sanding, Januari 2019)

Hanan Kota Bharu, Kelantan

Cameraman Sporting gila!!

"Cameraman sporting gila.. sampai saya plak da surrender x larat nak photoshoot. 📸👍 Pokok celah hutan mna kita orang g kt belakang rumah.😂😂😂 tapi cantik hasil gambarnya.😍"

(Nikah & Sanding, Januari 2019)

Zya Sekinchan, Selangor

Datang on time

"Alhamdulillah.. sangat berpuas hati dgn servis Picperfek. Kualiti gambar pun cun sangat. Very Recommended. Datang pun on time seperti dijanjikan 🤗.. 5 star bagi dekat Picperfek..⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ ⭐️  Semoga terus berjaya!😊"

(Nikah & Sanding, Mac 2019)

Christina Sentul, KL

Tak berhenti menangis

"You buat kami nangisss 😭😭😭😭 So cantik!!! Thank youuuu 🥰 Tak berhenti nangis ni. You made my day! Thank you Picperfek!!! Kami rasa paling bahagia sekarang ni..❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️"

(Nikah & Sanding, Mac 2019)

Nina Rawang, Selangor

Album siap tak sampai sebulan!!!

"Puas hati sangat dengan your services👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 Family pun puji.. 👏🏻  Tak sampai sebulan kahwin tapi our wedding album dah siap!! Thanks Picperfek utk services yg sangat terbaik!🔥🔥🔥 Salute!✋InshaAllah saya akan recommend kat kawan-kawan yg lain.😁"

(Nikah & Sanding, April 2019)

Atikah Cheras, Selangor

Setiap gambar diambil sangat cantik

"Picperfek sangat best, setiap gambar yang diambil sangat cantik 🥰 Cameraman pun baik sangat dan banyak mengajar cara posing 😅. Next Sanding Insyallah nak repeat dengan Picperfek lagi.🤗"

(Nikah, Ogos 2019)


Book & Pay Deposit

Pick your event type, package, event venue & event date. Book your package and only pay the deposit RM300.

85% Payment

85% payment from the balance MUST be made 14 days before your event day. Payment method: Online Transfer.

Our Photographer

Our photographer will contact you via Whatsapp one week before event day. Our photographer will be happy to advise you!

Shooting Day

Our photographer will be at your event day to capture the beautiful moments you will never forget.

Get Your RAW Photo

You are able to download unedited RAW photos within 7 working days from your last event date via Google Photos apps.

Preparing Your Album

This is where our photo editors design and edits your photos and albums. It will at most take 30 days from your event date for us to send to you for review.

Review Your Album

It's time to review your photo albums. We will send you the album draft for approval before printing. Once we get the approval from you, we will start with the printing process.

Printing & Preparation

Your albums will be ready in 10 working days from the date you approved. Allow us to prepare your final products before you collect to us.

Delivery Day!

You can collect your albums at Wangsa Maju, Kuala Lumour or we will courier to you.


Izzaty Negeri Sembilan

 Menyesal ambil Picperfek!

"Puas hati sangat pilih Picperfek sebab dari booked sampai lahh dah habis Majlis☺ Dari awal saya cari, memang saya tak menyesal ambil Picperfek sebab layanan yang bagus! Gambar cantik sangattt 😁 Briefcase Album pun cun, puas hati sangat! Tak sampai 2 bulan kahwin, Album dah siap 🙃 Servis terbaikkk! Thank you so muchhh ☺"

(Nikah & Sanding, Julai 2019)

Jaja Bangi, Selangor

Gambar cantik cantik!!!!!!

"Highly recommended! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 We absolutely loved it! Gambar cantik cantik!!!!!! 😍♥ Raw photos pun dah cukup cantik, apa lagi yang edited punya. Photographer pun ngam sebab jenis gila gila jugak mcm kitorang. Thank you so much PicPerfek! ❤😍"

(Nikah & Sanding, November 2019)

Nani Jengka, Pahang

I give you 10 star!

"Servis Terbaik! Datang on time, permintaan yg tak mengecewakan sentiasa mengikut kehendak customer. Album & Picture Exclusive. Picture yg sangat memuaskan sebab every side sentiasa ada picture from A-Z. I give you 10 star, sebab sanggup datang dari jauh & berkampung di Pahang. 🤩🤩🤩 Thank you Picperfek Awesome.😍😍😍"

(Nikah & Sanding, Ogos 2019)

Aizuddin Tumpat, Kelantan

Nak Repeat lagi???

"Gambar Nice gila..🤩 Editing cun, photographer sempoi.. hasil gambar mantap!!! Wife & family pun suka.. ada rezeki kita repeat lagi..👍👍👍👍👍"

(Sanding, Ogos 2019)

Yaya Taiping, Perak

 Everything tip-top!

"Yaya baru received gambar harini. Ya Allah, rasa nk melompat happy , perfect gila gambar ! Thankyou picperfek 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 Servis Picperfek Terbaik👍 Everything tip-top. Gambar pun semua cantik-cantik.😍 Nanti Yaya recommend dekat kawan-kawan.😊"

(Nikah & Sanding, Ogos 2019)

Siti Sepang, Selangor

 Team Picperfek Sempoi

"Servis memang terbaik. Everything is perfect la dari datang on time, layanan yang baik and team Picperfek pun sempoi. Of course gambar memang tip top! Recommend sangat!!👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻"

(Nikah & Sanding, Ogos 2019)



Syahira Sg. Buloh, Selangor

Betul-betul perfek

"Album seriously cantikk sangat-sangat... 🤩 memang puas hati cantik sangatttt... Thank you to Picperfek... betul-betul perfek 🤩 🤩 👌👌 nanti kalau ada apa2 event saya akan inform lagi ye... 👌👌👌"

(Nikah & Sanding, November 2019)

Teaha KLCC, Kuala Lumpur

Cantikkkk weyyy lawaaa!!!

"Thank you so much Picperfek ambil gambar tadi, gambar semua cantikkkk weyyy lawaaaa 😍❤😍 Photographer sangat-sangat sporting.🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟"

(Nikah & Sanding, Disember 2019)

Ieda Kuala Selangor

Coloring semua lawa

"Video terbaik!👍👍👍Mmg sangat cantik.. Terima kasih Picperfek buat apa yg saya nak.. Kadang2 bila tengok balik rasa nak menangis tengok video tu, yelah first best, lepastu jd kenangan. TQ tau.. coloring semua lawa, suara jelas..  Saya bg 10/10 untuk Picperfek. Thank you Picperfek Awesome. 😍😍😍"

(Nikah, Disember 2019)

Amiera Kuching, Sarawak

Mesra & Ramah

"Terima Kasih Picperfek! Alhamdulillah photographer in charge majlis kami mesra dan ramah.. saya dan pasangan suka treatment and service yg diberi oleh team picperfek. Memang terbaik👍🏻👍🏻 gambar dan kualiti album pun terbaik! Terima kasih Picperfek😊"

(Sanding, Januari 2020)

Ameerah Shah Alam, Selangor

Great service, I am happy!!!

"Btw Thank you so much for the great service. Big complement to team Picperfek for being awesome and fun 😁♥️ seronok diaorg amik gambar and video for wedding hari tu.🥰 Thank you once again @picperfek for your great service for my engagement and wedding, I'll be honest I am happy that I came across your instagram page and see all of these beautiful outcome.💕"

(Nikah & Sanding, Mac 2020)

Angel Putrajaya

Picperfek completed my dreams

"OMG!!! Thanks you so much for everything you are done for us, it was perfect 👍🏻 I really love my pre wedd photo and the video very nice!!! 😍  Picperfek completed my dreams."

(Pre Wedding, Mac 2020)

Kina Setapak KL

Suka Gila Dengan Service Picperfek

"Thank youu so much Picperfek 👍👍👍  Suka gila dengan service Picperfek, saya berpuas hati, cantik sangat-sangat video, Insya-Allah Kina will repeat."

( Sanding, Februari 2020)

Fatin Puncak Alam

Truly recommended

"Nice sangat video 😍😍  thank you! Sure truly recommended 👍  Haritu pun ramai kawan2 dah tanya2 jugak😊 "

(Nikah & Sanding, Feb 2020)

Sasitaran Ipoh

Coloring semua lawa

"Team Picperfek did a very good job... thanks a lot for make our day wonderful memories.....😍 😍 😍 "

(Indian Wedding, Mac 2020)

Zahirah Shah Alam

Memang tak menyesal!

"Seronok buat kerja dengan korang. Happening, sangat2 membantu, professional, hasilkan video yg cantik2 dan truly amazing. I will recommend team picperfek to others. Memang tak menyesal!💞💞💞"

(Nikah & Sanding, Januari 2020)

Zura Putrajaya

Beyond my expectation!

"Apa ni Picpcperfek???? X sangka uolls create my video nikah macam ni, Beyond my expectation! Lawa and comel sangatttt!! 🥰🌹 Thank you so much Team Picperfek... U guys memang the best!"

(Nikah, Ogos 2020)

Dr. Dollah Gombak

Creativity 10/10 , Picperfek memang terbaik

"Timing 10/10, Team Work 10/10, Profesionalisme 10/10, Friendly 10/10 Sempoi and penyabar layan kerenah family 👍  Results gambar 10/10, tak sampai seminggu dah siap softcopy, raw and edited photo memang cantik  🤩  Creativity 10/10 aritistic. Picperfek daripada planning sampai hari majlis mmg terbaik apatah lagi gambar mmg cun  😘😘  Sangat recommended ! Overall 11/10 beyond perfection. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️"

(Nikah, Oktober 2020)

Sha Gombak, Selangor

Sampai taktau nak describe mcm mana dah

"Dah tengok dah semua gambar, Masyallah cantik sangat-sangat 🥺  Sampai confuse nak pilih yang mana sebab semuanya cantik and Sha nak ucapkan banyak2 terima kasih dekat Team Picperfek sangat2 the best dari start nak book sampailah waktu bergambar nikah mmg terbaik lah korang ni semua👍👍👍 Team Picperfek pun sporting banyak membantu tak berkira n many more lah, sampai taktau nak describe mcm mana dah 😆  mmg Sha suggest sgt sape2 nak cari photographer mmg takde lain dah Team Picperfek jelah, kawan2 banyak puji cantik gambar n ramai tanya ambil pakej photographer dkt mana so Sha suggest kt kawan2 utk hire Team Picperfek ni n dorang pun mcm excited tunggu sampai masa nanti they will contacth uolls. 🥰"

( Nikah, Disember 2020)

Amalina Tampin, Negeri Sembilan

Gambar real giler

"Layanan tip-top, kiteowang yg malu2 nie pon boleh jd x kekok sgt 😂 .. dpt photographer yg suram td takut nana.. tq tau Team Picperfek, sorry klu ade kiteowang lebih2 td... nan boleh recomend kt yg lain..sumpah best.. sampai MUA nan pon call, member2 nk kahwin pon call... diowang tanya spe ambik gambar... diowang ckp gambar real giler... MUA nana ckp sb makeup nampak real...  klu x photographer bg gambar suke blur2.. pelamin pon blur.. nie nmpk smuanye nampak.. alahai seronaknye 🥰 "

(Nikah & Sanding, Feb 2021)

Izzati Tanjong Karang

Gambar semua cantik2 sangatt

"First nak cakap mmg servis terbaik 👍 Gambar semua cantik2 sangatt🥰  lepas ni kalau ada apa2 event nak panggil Team Picperfek Insya-Allah 🤗  datang pun on time 👍   Zati bagi Team Picperfek ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Highly recommended 👍 "

(Sanding, Mac 2021)

Haifa Kota Bharu, Kelantan

Jurugambar mmg terbaik, gambar pon lawa

"Wowww..terbaik 😍 Alhamdulillah.. trima kasih sgt2.. so far mmg puas ati sgt2.. mmg recommended sgt2.. servis terbaik, jurugambar mmg terbaik, gambar pon lawa.. trima kasih sgt2 ye."

(Nikah & Sanding, Februari 2021)

Asmida Negeri Sembilan

Team Picperfek still really energetic

"Thank u so much to Team Picperfek. Rajin and very helping masa shoot.... bagus sgt diorg masa tu... wlu ada hujan sikit ptu tgh hari panas plak... Team Picperfek still really energetic shoot for us... I'm waiting for the outcome... Rami gak sedara and kawan2 tny sy... sape shoot for us... sbb diorg tengok Team Picperfek rajin and sporting masa shoot... siap sedara amik contact and tany insta Picperfek. 😊 "

(Nikah & Sanding, April 2021)

Hafiz Putrajaya

Hasil kerja Team Picperfek sangat baik

"Alhamdulillah syukur gambar dah siap.😍 terima kasih banyak2 Team Picperfek. hasil kerja sangat baik. Photographer pon sporting happy selalu. Gambar2 pon cantik. InsyaAllah wedding saya ambil Picperfek! Mantapp! "

(Nikah, April 2021)

Kuala Lumpur
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