Event Coverage

Whatever your event, from small to huge and national, we have the right team, equipment and production capabilities to produce the best event video, conference video or awards video.

1. Increase your influence and reach

With Picperfek services, through our high quality event photography and videography you can interact and reach out to a larger audience, outside of your immediate event circles. Moreover, event videos can help you promote your future events and sales.

2. Marketing content for future events

Your video marketing strategy will include promo videos, event videos, event photography, and digital marketing. Your event footage can be used for your internal marketing and communications.

3. Building customer loyalty & trust

Documenting your event videography and event photography is extremely valuable. Successful companies grow their business by building relationship with their customers because they know the importance of their connection with them.

4. Testimonials to increase credibility

Testimonial event footage is a very useful marketing tool. The videos can be used and presented to your corporate leadership, investors and your customers in the future.

Picperfek Event Videos

Picperfek Client Feedbacks

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Khalid Hamid

They work really fast and efficient.

"We’ve been asking Picperfek to do a lot of our promotional videos. They work really fast and efficient. Our videos are ready usually within the same week. And their editing touch, boy it’s so magical. Your photos and videos will look great & stunning. Trust us on this! Keep up the good work Picperfek and thanks for all the beautiful work you’ve done for us. 😊"

TFS Price Action Trading

Coach Fiya

Picperfek memang Perfect!!!

Alhamdulilah, 3 hari event berlansung dengan high energy, team Picperfek sangat friendly dengan audience. Mereka pandai ambil moment candid, itu yang membuatkan kami sangat berpuas hati! Picperfek memang Perfect!!!


Allen Thee

Really exceeded my expectations

"I must say, if you want professional videos and images, Picperfek is your perfect choice! 👍 They’re truly the expert in this field. They took my live event photos and videos, edit it and send it to me in less than 3 days! Everything came out great! Really exceeded my expectations.🤩💥 I’ll be back with my next project for sure! 👍"

Online Trading Masterclass


Moving Image has been filming events for over a decade and have become specialists in creating high-quality films that move audiences. We have become very skilled at using minimal crew to gain maximum effect.

At Moving Image, we specialize in event video production, including:

  • Award Ceremony Videos
  • Conference Videos
  • Publicity Event Videos
  • Launch Party Videos
  • Meeting Video Production
  • Team Building

Only quality photo and video production services. Moving Image team is predictable in producing the best result. One of the main specialities of our video production company is excellent video coverage of Kuala Lumpur events. Your story will be composed from little details and chapters that will blend into the full colourful storyline.

Our Clients