We love the art of creation.

Our passion is listening to clients ideas, shooting for high quality photo & video product and coming up with creative designs. Most Importantly, we keep it unique.


We focus on our skills.

As a professional photographer & videographer in production industry, we always providing my best service to produce the best photos & videos for business, commercial & marketing use. With years experience, our videos are always impress customers with stunning visual, portraying your products, service & company in distinctive way with many ideas, techniques and skills, for the purpose of marketing or advertising.



We will have discussion with you, listen to your ideas, study your business, watch your reference videos, then we will provide professional opinions about how to make your video as best as we can, within your budget, to maximize the marketing effect.


We will schedule the shooting according to your convenience, bringing along professional camera, lighting & audio equipment, we will shoot your videos with our knowledge and skills from years experience in order to get the best quality footage for you.


We will edit the footage frame by frame precisely, to get the best attraction. After your reviewing on the first edition, we will add in color grading, background music, sound effect & subtitle, then will try our best to deliver the final version asap, so you could have your new marketing weapon soonest!

Special message for you.


After Covid-19, the global economy are very challenging. Everyone is striving. That's why I want to provide more video service at lowest cost for those clients want save their money.

With many years of experience on product and fashion photo & video. I believe Team Picperfek could provide the best quality possible.

Please feel free to let me know what you need, I will get back to you asap, we could work together for the best video solution.

Be safe!

- Arif Azhar (Owner Picperfek)

We would love to hear from you.